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Tiger, Tiger, Tiger

March 30, 2009

In his March 30th Angry Golfer John Hawkins made no bones affording special status to Tiger Woods, specifically complaints about his late commitment to events. Hawk: "Until Woods is caught robbing a homeless shelter or improving his lie in the rough, he is exempt from wrath... Seriously, why even mess with the guy? For all anyone should care, Woods can show up whenever he wants, no reservation required, and play as a onesome. Preferential treatment? Absolutely." Hawkins' column drew protests, including this response from Utah reader Alex Gonzales. I was thinking of the exchange Sunday when Tiger, after bogeying 17 to look temporarily human, birdied the final hole to win.

__Dear Angry Golfer,>

In response to your March 30th issue column. The Angry Golfer? How about the Wimpy Golfer? I'm sure that since you are also an employee of The Golf Channel you are not contractually allowed to say anything critical of Lord Eldrick. Since it is The Golf Channel's policy to not only mention the word Tiger in every other sentence no matter what the story, but to heap as much praise upon him even if he is trailing by 12 strokes.>

By the bye, is it really necessary to show Lord Eldrick's 2008 Open winning playoff putt and subsequent primal scream at every commercial break?>

So Hawk, Tiger can do whatever he wants because he is number one? That is the same kind of thinking that Wall Street had going and got us into the mess we are in right now. You disappoint me, and that makes me angry!>

-- Alex Gonzales Salt Lake City, UT__>

To those of you who think Hawk or the rest of the media make too much of Tiger, what do you think after Sunday's show? Not only was Woods superb, but he apparently turned Sean O'Hair into a bum. How can a golf professional who hits a zillion balls a day, has a swing coach and probably a mental coach and a fitness coach as well completely lose the ability to hit a fairway?!!

Stories today will sing Woods praises, and well they should. But the fact remains a guy had a 5-shot lead and couldn't shoot even par or even one over to win the tournament. If there is no other reason Tiger should be thought special, it's for what happens to players when they face him head-to-head. Ugh!

*--Bob Carney *