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Tiger shot 66 at the Greenbrier. He's . . . back?

Tiger fans rejoice!

When Woods teed off in the first round of the Greenbrier Classic, we were all watching with a little fear in our eyes. His golf has not been good lately, but you almost have to watch. Because he's Tiger.

He shot 66. Four under. Before we let this get away from us, we have to remember, it's just one round. But he did it with seven birdies.

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He started on the back, cruising through the first 7 holes at three under. Greens in regulation, a few dropped putts. Then, a slight hiccup on his eighth hole lead to a bogey.

Seeing that bogey appear on the scorecard was a little scary. Bad thoughts started creeping into our minds: Here it comes, the chip-yips are going to start up again. He's going to tweak a muscle. He's not going to be able to activate his glutes.

But he steadied himself. More greens, more pars, a birdie for good measure. Even when some trouble around the green lead him to a double on his 15th hole, he came right back at us with three consecutive birdies. That's the Tiger who's fun to watch.

Twitter, obviously, is excited:

While one under-par round can't be called a comeback, we can't think of a better way to kick off Fourth of July weekend than by seeing Tiger go four under.

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