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Tiger puts on energy bar eating display at Oak Hill

August 08, 2013

Tiger's hungry. For majors? Sure, but it's energy bars that he was eying on Thursday at the PGA Championship. A lot of energy bars. Throughout the years Tiger has been pretty open about his on-course eating habits, preferring peanut-butter sandwiches, fruits, nuts, and Gatorade to help keep his energy levels up. But it was energy bars that he feasted on throughout his front-nine at Oak Hill (no doubt to the chagrin of our fitness editor, Ron Kaspriske), with the camera catching him him noshing on them a number of times during the round. And worked fairly well for a while, too. He made the turn in two-under, which left him two shots off the lead at that time, but went on to shoot a one-over-par round of 71.[#image: /photos/55ad76c7add713143b4277f7]|||tiger-granola.gif|||

The only thing more impressive than Tiger's par saves today has been his caloric intake. Plowing through some energy bars.

-- GC Tiger Tracker (@GCTigerTracker) August 8, 2013

Tiger's first nine at Oak Hill: 0 drivers hit, 6 good par parts made, 1 kick-in birdie, 8 energy bars eaten... #PGAChamp #UnofficialStats

-- Alex Myers (@AlexMyers3) August 8, 2013 Follow @lukekerrdineen