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Tiger and Phil: Inextricably linked

April 13, 2009

Two final thoughts on the Tiger Woods-Phil Mickelson rivalry, one of them suggesting that they need to acknowledge their rivalry and its benefits to the overall strength of golf, and the other looking ahead to Bethpage Black.

"One of these days, Woods and Mickelson are going to need to recognize that, like Palmer and Nicklaus, they are forever joined, even if Tiger will have the grander career. They are both very, very good, and they gave us a fantastic show. It would have been nice to witness them acknowledge it, to each other. No, more than nice. Historic. Competition is all well and good, but sportsmanship lasts longer."

"Golf history will have its own say over how the electrifying Phil Mickelson- Tiger Woods twosome at the Masters Sunday is remembered. It could rank as one of the greatest duels ever, right up there with Francis Ouimet-Harry Vardon. For now, though, we can see it only one way: A heck of a setup for Bethpage."

-- John Strege