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Thursday at the PGA Championship, as told by GIFs

August 08, 2013

It's official. Anything Tiger Woods does is infinitely more fascinating than anything his playing partners, Keegan Bradley and Davis Love III, could ever do. To his credit, he did maintain perfect form on the 12th hole, his third of the day, when he reached for this granola bar, his millionth of the day. Tiger went on to shoot a one-over-par round of 71. He tees off at 1:45 p.m. on Friday...not sure what time the PGA's "granola cam" goes live.[#image: /photos/55ad76c3b01eefe207f6c840]|||tiger-granola.gif|||Maybe it was a rush of blood to the head, or just a quick experiment from a cameraman thinking no one would notice something so trivial (think again, cameraman), but whoever was in charge today ended up doing something rather different. Davis Love III was lining up a long chip shot when the camera decided to go all "Quentin Tarantino" and zoomed into the hole at high speed. In the film world, the shot is called a "crash-zoom" and is commonly employed in action movies, like this shot of Leonardo DiCaprio in "Django Unchained." In any case: Bravo, cameraman. Golf could use a little more of this in its downtime.[#image: /photos/55ad76c2b01eefe207f6c839]|||130808-tarantino-golf-480.gif|||Speaking of movies, something pretty "Happy Gilmore" happened at Oak Hill today. Justin Rose was lining up his first tee shot when what looked to be the tallest man in the world (the guy in the purple shirt, you can't miss him) made an appearance in the crowd. Credit to Justin, who must have been equal parts flattered and terrified, for managing to keep his drive in-play and getting out of there unscathed.[#image: /photos/55ad76c2add713143b4277e7]|||blog-junstin-rose-big-man-480.gif|||Tom Watson is a legend, no doubt about it, but the guy had a serious sweat-situation going on today. Golf Digest's Executive Editor Mike O'Malley noticed it, tweeting that Watson "either sweats easily or he's come down with a dose of malaria." He went on to shoot a three-over-par 73. Let's hope he makes the cut, as long as we don't have to see any more of this.[#image: /photos/55ad76c2b01eefe207f6c837]|||blog-tom-watson-480.gif|||Perhaps it was a subtle taunt to the beast who had bothered him on the first tee, but after birding the 10th hole, Rose looked to stumble across -- or swaggered across, judging by the way he's walking -- what could become his new trademark: The putter mustache. It's about time we had successor to Chi Chi Rodriguez's sword celebration, and Justin Rose's putter mustache could be it.[#image: /photos/55ad76c2add713143b4277e5]|||130808-rose-mustache-480.gif|||Finally, Tiger Woods hit exactly one driver today, and it turned out pretty much as expected. It led to his first bogey of the day.[#image: /photos/55ad76c5add713143b4277ec]|||blog-tiger-driver-480.gif|||Follow @lukekerrdineen