GD SCHOOLSJanuary 2, 2020

Three ways to jumpstart your golf game right now

Dom Furore

You could stash your clubs for a few months and forget about golf until the weather improves, but I have a better idea: Use this time, when scores don’t really matter and your handicap might be frozen, to work on a few things that can have a meaningful impact on your game next spring. What things? Two are as simple as rehearsing better body motions in front of a mirror. The other is a drill you can do indoors or out. Pro tip: You might want to use foam golf balls for spousal harmony.


This mini-swing drill will immediately help you develop a better strike on the ball: Grab your pitching wedge and set your feet in a narrower stance than normal with the ball centered. Make a small swing with your lead arm moving back short of parallel with the ground. Hold this position (above) for a couple of seconds, noting a hinge of the wrists and a fold of your trail arm. You’re now in an ideal pre-impact position with the club trailing the hands. From there, swing down and through into a low, abbreviated finish. This will give you a great feel for how to compress the ball with a square clubface and a forward-leaning shaft.


Dom Furore

Now’s the perfect time to groove how the body should rotate during the swing. With your hands positioned on the side of your thighs, get into a good address posture hinging forward from your hips. Now simulate a clubless backswing, letting your arms move up and down your legs as you pivot away from the target (above, left). Then simulate a through-swing (above, right). This is the look and feel of a good pivot, and you can practice it anywhere. Keep doing this all winter, and your swing will look and feel much more efficient and in control.

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Dom Furore

This drill helps sync your arm swing with your body rotation. It’s also a great isometric stretch as you warm-up. Get in your address posture, and hook the back of your trail hand (right for righties) under the back of your lead hand. Now pretend you’re making a backswing, feeling like your lead arm stays connected to your upper body as your torso rotates (above). Then simulate a downswing maintaining this connection. Remember how this feels when you hit the course next spring. --WITH RON KASPRISKE