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Three Things To Keep In Mind When Playing In Wet Conditions

April 20, 2017

Charlie Riedel/AP Photo

Playing in wet conditions can bring out the worst in your game, but don’t let the rain psych you out. We spoke with Joe Compitello, one of our Golf Digest Best Young Teachers out of Plainfield C.C. in New Jersey, to give you some tips on how to handle playing in the rain.

1. Don’t rely on run-out.

“The ball is not going to roll off the tee,” says Compitello. “If you’re a low driver of the ball, you may consider adjusting the loft of your driver to try and carry the ball farther.”

2. Your chips can easily get chunky.

“Chipping on soft conditions is more difficult, the wedge can dig more,” says Compitello. To help keep that from happening, Compitello says to focus on making contact with the ball first.

3. You might suddenly be able to spin the ball like a pro.

This is something that’s more for advanced players, but if you’re someone who occasionally sees approach shots spin back when they hit the green, Compitello says to be ready for that to happen more when greens are wet. Keep that in mind when you’re choosing what club to hit into a green.

Oh, and a bonus tip – bring an extra towel. You want your hands and grips to be as dry as possible, no matter how torrential the downpour.