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You hit it into the rough. These 3 simple setup tweaks can get you out

If your tee shot ends up in the rough, your round isn't doomed. According to Golf Digest 50 Best Teacher Trillium Rose, these three setup changes can help you create consistent contact from thick rough every time.

Use Rose’s quick adjustments from the clip below to escape the rough–and maybe even leave it close.

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Hitting it out of the rough isn’t much different than hitting a normal shot, you just need to adjust your start position to offset the dense grass. Whenever you find yourself in the rough, Rose says to remember these three setup keys: grip down, stand close and play the ball back.

In the video you can see that Rose only grips down about an inch and a half on the club. As for her stance, it’s not a dramatic change–just enough to create a slightly steeper swing. Lastly, ball position. Rose says to play your shot about a ball behind your normal positioning.

Implement these small changes, and you'll see a big difference.