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Threat of coal mine next to Clearview eases

August 27, 2010

Clearview GC, which has been threatened by the possibility of a coal mine operation on property adjacent to the historic course in East Canton, Ohio, is breathing a little easier because the mine owner has pulled its application with state officials, according to head professional Renee Powell.

Still, the course is hopeful of finding someone to purchase the land and donate it to the Clearview Legacy Foundation for a permanent solution to the mining dilemma. "That would be the best scenario," Powell said. "We still need to find a final solution."

Clearview is the only course designed, built, owned and operated by an African-American, Bill Powell, who died last year at 93. When the course celebrates the legacy of its founder Saturday with the 2010 William J. Powell Celebrity Golf Tournament, two other pioneering black golf figures, Charlie Sifford and Lee Elder, will be on hand. "Their trip to Clearview is one of paying respect to a man who did so much to to help make golf accessible for all people," said Renee Powell.

Frustrated by discriminatory practices at golf courses and intent on having a place where all golfers were welcome, Bill Powell opened Clearview in 1948. In 2001 it was named a National Historic Site by the U.S. Department of the Interior.

-- Bill Fields