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This week's PGA Tour Latinoamerica event features an ERUPTING volcano

March 17, 2017

Move along, folks! Nothing to see here! Just an active volcano overlooking a golf tournament. An active ERUPTING volcano, that is.

This week's PGA Tour Latinoamerica stop -- the Guatemala Stella Artois Open -- features the unusual sight. Oh, the places you'll go to pursue the dream of being a tour pro, right? Check out this video posted by Stephanie Wei, who obtained it from Paul Apyan, player in this week's field:

And here's another clip from George Bryan, brother of rising PGA Tour star Wesley Bryan:

But seriously, it's not a big deal for the area. The Volcan de Fuego is one of Central America's most active volcanoes, and the tournament is being contested on Fuego Maya Golf Club for the fourth consecutive year. Even if you don't speak Spanish, you probably know what "fuego" means.

Actually, play was suspended in the first round, but it had nothing to do with the molten hot lava spewing nearby. It was just a boring wind delay. Although, couldn't strong winds blow said molten hot lava. . . Never mind. Carry on, guys.