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This week's European Tour winner once made one of the strangest music videos ever

September 21, 2015

You may know Rikard Karlberg as the man who captured his first European Tour win by beating Martin Kaymer in a playoff at the Italian Open on Sunday. After watching this music video the Swedish golfer made in 2012, though, it will be impossible to know him for anything else:

Oh. Boy. Where do we even begin?

Thanks to the European Tour's "Season Pass" for alerting us to this gem, which we were able to find still linked up to on Golf Today's Facebook page. Here's what Karlberg had to say about the video then:

"Every year in Sweden we have the National Club Championship and we are at the highest division. Two years ago, we started a music video of a famous song played in Sweden and this year we did the same again. Only more feminine. . . "

Yes. We would classify a group of grown men dressed in bikinis and blonde wigs lip-singing a song called "Summer of Love" by Cascada as pretty "feminine." Go on, Rikard. . .

"We just try to have a good time and try to do a little bit of fun. We enjoy doing something else when playing golf, like we do that week. So it is a little bit of relaxation from that."

OK then. . . . You've got to hand it to those Swedes. About a month after Karlberg uploaded his video to YouTube, Jesper Parnevik assembled a crew that included his family, Dustin Johnson, and Freddie Jacobson, to do a music video of Psy's "Gangnam Style."

Is it possible that video -- with its wigs and all -- was done to one-up Karlberg? In terms of production value, we'll give Parnevik the edge. But in terms of just being out there, we're going with Karlberg. I mean. . .