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This Week in Questionable Golf Attire: The Undertaker's cargo shorts and sandals

July 18, 2016

Professional wrestling is entertaining theater, yet its combatants are not known for their fashion. Sure, many wrestlers are larger-than-life figures with muscles that make NFL linebackers look scrawny, but it's hard to take them seriously when most have jean shorts, spandex and masks as part of their costumes. Apparently this attire carries outside the ring, for one of the sport's icons, the Undertaker, was captured by a Reddit user wearing cargo shorts and sandals at LPGA International in Daytona Beach:


Cargo shorts? Listen, I know Pokemon and Blink-182 are popular again, but that doesn't mean we have to bring back everything that was trendy in 1999. And sandals? Hey man, have a little respe...

(Remembers personal residence is mile away from WWE headquarters in Stamford, CT...)

I take that back. I think Taker's look is innovative. For years, golf clothing has been restrictive, of a cloth that trumpets an elitist tone. We applaud the Undertaker's wardrobe choice, flaunting a style that's for the people. It would do the PGA Tour good to follow his lead and embrace a more casual dress code.

(Lowers voice, cowers)

Please, just don't hurt me.