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This Week in Questionable Golf Attire: Justin Thomas' makeshift capri pants

July 25, 2016

SPRINGFIELD, N.J. -- To say it's hot at Baltusrol Golf Club this week is an understatement on par with "Dustin Johnson is long" or "LeBron James is good at basketball." During Monday's practice round at the 2016 PGA Championship, temperatures hit the mid-90s; according to the Weather Channel's "Feels Like" index, that number routinely sat in the triple digits. These conditions will likely persist until the weekend, causing some in the PGA Championship field -- most notably, Justin Thomas -- to take drastic measures:

True, Thomas looks like a dolphin trainer in his rolled-up pants. However, it should be noted tennis superstar Rafael Nadal rocked capris for a chunk of his career, and when it comes to your golf game, we favor function over fashion every day of the week. While divergent from the usual dress code, we give Thomas -- especially if he wears this ensemble during actual tournament play -- the thumbs-up.