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This week in obvious golf instruction: Do NOT copy this guy's swing

September 23, 2016

We've seen some great entries in the category of world's ugliest golf swing lately. There was this violent action from Arkansas football coach Bert Bielemma. And this unorthodox move from some guy who has actually managed to shoot 80 and maintain a 17 handicap.

But now, there's another contender. Check out this crazy golf swing (Warning: There's NSFW language, although you'll probably find yourself saying the same thing when you watch):

Wow. Just. . . wow.

Not only does this not seem to be a particularly effective move (the dude hits it hard, but it's a low pull), but someday, his shoulders aren't going to thank him for all that unnecessary turning and torquing. So if you're looking for a golf tip this weekend, here's a free one: Don't try this at home.