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This video proves why you should never aim for the flagstick

November 14, 2015

You see, this is why I don't aim for the flagstick. Because then I'll probably hit the stick outright and the ball will carom in some crazy direction, and my perfectly-executed iron shot will settle 50 feet away from the hole.

Better to just chunk my 8-iron or pull it well left of the green as I usually do, because then I've removed all the unsettling variables out of the equation. That's called course management kids.

Anyway, here's a video the PGA Tour put out on Friday that show 10 horribly unlucky moments when a ball hits a flagstick and then ends up somewhere worse. Included is Dustin Johnson's horrific break last week in Shanghai in the HBSC Champions, where he hit the flagstick and his ball ended up in a hazard (Don't feel too bad -- it did lead to this.)

Curiously, not included is Tiger Woods' approach shot to the par-5 15th hole in 2013 Masters, which also hit the stick and trickled into Rae's Creek. That shot, given the rules fiasco that it spurred, might well go down as the unluckiest shot in history. But it was in the Masters and not a PGA Tour-run event, and thus not included in a PGA Tour compilation.