Viral Videos
September 08, 2016

This video of a toddler practicing his golf swing with household objects will melt your heart

We first came across Sam Blewett thanks to a viral video of his ingenious new practice method. The precocious youngster would use a toy golf club to dispense ice cubes that he would then whack all over his family's kitchen. Check it out:

Well, it turns out Sam's creativity isn't limited to what he uses instead of golf balls. The little tike also can turn anything he finds around the house into a golf club as evidenced by this adorable video:

We particularly enjoyed the old clip of Sam splashing away in the tub:


And look at this squat move he's working on in the downswing. Sean Foley would be impressed!


Keep it up, Sam. And keep the cute videos coming, Mrs. Blewett.

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