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This video of a moose chasing a golfer is alternately hilarious and terrifying

June 30, 2017

"There's a lot of danger on this hole," is a phrase golfers can relate to. Turns out that could mean anything -- heavy rough down the left side, a pond in front of the green, or at Sweden's Karlstad GC, a moose chasing you across the fairway.

Check out the video courtesy of The Local Sweden of golfer Christer Sjogren toying with this moose calf, and then realizing it was probably a mistake.

As the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet reports, "First, Christer tried to hide behind the trees. 'But he followed me the whole time. So I thought I'd start running to see what would happen. When I started running, I realized that wasn't a good decision.'"

"His friend Tony Swahn witnessed the whole thing from afar. He pulled out his phone and filmed his friend's flight. 'He [Christer] was mostly afraid the moose was going to attack his golf clubs But it all worked out. He's a farmer from Sunnö so he's tough.'"

The lesson here: Don't run away from a moose, particularly if you just got a brand new set of irons.