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This video of a girl making a hole-in-one to win a puppy will cure anyone's Monday blues

February 29, 2016

Our apologies for taking this long to stumble on this gem from last January. Still, watching an 11-year-old make a hole-in-one -- to win a puppy from her dad, no less -- never gets old. Especially on a Monday.

Fast-forward to the 2:15 mark and enjoy:

Well done, Chloe. And great reaction. "We get a dog!!!" Chloe was more excited than Rich Beem that time he won a car and jumped on it.

On the other hand, you could hear at least a little bit of regret for making the dog-for-an-ace promise in the dad's stunned, "NOOOOOOO!" But he delivered. Even if you're stuck in a cubicle somewhere, that has to put a smile on your face.