This trailer for Kevin Garnett's show is a terrifying lesson in the NBA dark arts

Watching these NBA Playoffs, which, don't get us wrong, have been great, but one can't help but pine for the old days. The days of true rivalries, when men were men, shorts where short and driving the lane was basically risking a visit to the hospital. Sure, there's been some C-level beefs, Spike Lee-Reggie Miller-esque rivalries, and more drama with Lance Stephenson and LeBron James. But in this oversaturated social media world, it all just feels manufactured.

The thing is, it wasn't even that long ago when there still was some real hatred in the playoffs, most of it provided the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat (and even Kobe's Los Angeles Lakers to an extent). While everyone played their part, Kevin Garnett was the star, providing an old school feel with his A+ (sometimes extremely messed up) trash talk, physical play and "I ain't nobody's" friend, win by any means necessary, "BAR FIGHT" mentality.

Now that he's retired, Garnett has attempted to bring that frightening approach to his TNT Area 21 program, a show that features his unfiltered takes, plenty of guests appearances and a swear button for when KG wants to drop some mother-F-bombs. Area 21 has been around for a few years now, but on Tuesday night, this new promo for the show dropped, and it is absolutely terrifying:

Honestly, I have no idea if this is a trailer for the show, a lead-in to a special playoff episode or if KG just said "roll the cameras I am F—ING PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW", all I know is I'm going to have nightmares tonight. Nightmares of Garnett waking me up and saying "get your candy ass out of bed and stop sleeping you candy ass candy ass." Yes sir, Mr. Garnett sir, I apologize. You are very crazy, you don't have to remind us.