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This tour pro made the longest/craziest tap-in putt you'll ever see

November 04, 2015

Gimmes are nice, but boring -- especially for tour pros. So to spice up a recent tap-in, Wil Batemen, currently 10th on the PGA Tour Latinoamerica's money list, decided to take a road less traveled to make one. A much, much longer road, that is.

Watch Bateman during a practice round ahead of the Argentine Open. Instead of nudging his ball into the hole from a foot away, he turns and strokes a putt some 30 feet up a slope and then watches as the ball comes back into the hole:

It's still not as amazing as this crazy "three-footer" pulled off last year:

But still, we dig the creativity, Wil. Now do it during an actual tournament and we'll really be impressed.