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This touching tribute to Phil Mickelson and Bones might bring you to tears

June 21, 2017


Golf fans -- and golf media -- didn't handle the news that Phil Mickelson and caddie Jim "Bones" Mackay are breaking up well. If you're still looking for reasons why this famed partner ship happened, we don't have anything to add. But if you're looking for the perfect compilation of the dynamic duo's memorable moments together, Skratch TV has you covered.

In less than two minutes, relive some of Phil and Bones' classic on-course antics like the time Bones tended the flagstick for Phil on a 70-yard shot at the 2011 Farmers Insurance Open. Or the time Phil purposely didn't tell his partner in crime about the gap he was going to hit through at Colonial because he knew he'd try to talk him out of it. Or the time Bones patiently held an umbrella over Phil's head so he could do a post-round interview with Jimmy Roberts. What a team these guys made:


Yep, this video is jam-packed, all while accompanied by beautiful, somber piano music that perfectly fits the bittersweet mood. So check out this short film that should be nominated for an Oscar. Just be warned: It may bring you to tears.