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This tiger print straightjacket thing will probably improve your golf swing

January 21, 2014

ORLANDO -- One day about two years ago, Raymond Rapcavage was so annoyed with his golf swing that his poor sweater didn't stand a chance.

"I was so angry...I put my arms in my sweater and ripped one of the sleeves off," Rapcavage said. "I jammed both by arms in one of the sleeves and almost immediately I started thinking: 'hey, this actually feels kind of good.'"

And thus, the Golf Swing Shirt was born.


The concept is pretty simple: It's a cross between a normal shirt and a straightjacket. Once it's on you put your arms through a sleeve which forces them to stay together and connected to your torso -- something a lot of pros work on, because it helps make their golf swing more efficient.

"Tiger, Mahan, Rose -- all these guys are working on this," Rapcavage said. "Dufner's practically the poster boy for this move."

The Swing Shirt retails for $69.95, according to its website, and until this year came in three different options: a black one for the cold, a white one for the heat, and their original yellow one. This year, they're launching another: a Tiger print edition.

"Why not? Everyone wants to swing like Tiger anyway," Rapcavage said.

I took it our for a spin because keeping my arms connected to my body is something I've always worked on, and I must say, however it may have looked, it felt good. The result: #iframe://instagram.com/p/jb2n4bItJG/embed/||| Follow @lukekerrdineen