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This single from Cardinals shortstop Paul DeJong is straight out of 'Angels in the Outfield'

September 03, 2019

St. Louis Cardinals shortstop Paul DeJong has shown some serious power in the early part of his career, hitting 25 homers in just 108 games in his rookie year, 19 in his second year and already reaching 24 in his third year with 24 games to go. Here's the question: unless you're a Cardinals fan or an avid watcher of MLB Network's A++++ program "Quick Pitch," have you ever seen one of DeJong's homers? I watch "Quick Pitch" on the reg and can't remember seeing a DeJong highlight, though I likely have and just wasn't paying attention.

But it'll be impossible to forget this single DeJong hit on Tuesday night at Busch Stadium, because it will be replayed over and over on MLB highlight reels until the end of time. A single, you say? No, not just any single, a single straight out of the 1994 classic "Angels in the Outfield," one that a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt couldn't have dreamed up if he tried:

This is, without a doubt, the single of the season in baseball. That thing started in the dugout and ended up in fair territory. Did anyone check to see if Christopher Lloyd was in the stands?


By the way, is there a more perfect Cardinals play? If DeJong doesn't HUSTLE and play the game the RIGHT WAY he gets thrown out since that ball comes back fair. But because he's such a GREAT Cardinal and they have the BEST FANS he was gunning down the line and easily safe. What a classy organization.