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This image of golf courses taken from the Space Station is out of this world

June 10, 2015

On March 27, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, his twin brother Mark, and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko began a historic year aboard the International Space Station. Kelly (@StationCDRKelly) has posted selfies and Earth pics via Twitter every day since arriving at the ISS. This Year-In-Space photo diary began with this tweet:

Today he posted this image of golf courses in Taiwan:

Golf has become increasingly popular in Taiwan. Currently there are more than 70 golf courses on the island that covers an area of 13,892 sq. miles. For a comparison that's slightly larger than the state of Maryland. Here are the top 10 courses in Taiwan from our ranking of Best Golf Courses In 205 Countries:

1.) Sunrise G.& C.C., Yangmei

2.) Miramar G.& C.C., Lin Kuo (pictured)

3.) Ta Shee Resort, Taoyuan

4.) Taiwan G.& C.C., Tamsui (Taiwan's first golf course)

5.) Yung Han G.C., Taoyuan (pictured)

6.) Nan Fong G.C., Nantou

7.) National G.C.C., Yuanli

8.) North Bay C.C., Shih Mem

9.) Kaoshiung G.& C.C., Kaoshiung

10.) Tong Hwa G.C., Lin Kou (pictured)


Golf is also popular with Scott Kelly. On Masters Sunday he attempted to get a satellite view of Augusta National GC:

Apparently he follows the PGA Tour. For more updates and satellite photos follow @StationCDRKelly and the International Space Station @Space_Station.