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This rare angle of Tiger Woods' legendary chip-in at Augusta's 16th is getting us pumped for Masters week

Everybody has different moments from past Masters that come to mind when Masters week starts.

Most all of us, though, have re-watched the clip of Tiger Woods' chip shot roll down the slope at Augusta National's 16th hole in 2005, before dropping in the cup on the ball's final rotation. The crowd roar. Verne Lundquist's call. The Tiger fist pump and goofy high-five with caddie Steve Williams. It's a part of Masters lure.

We've all seen it from the CBS camera angle from the back right of the green. But the Masters tweeted out a different camera angle of the chip, where Tiger's in the frame the entire time. His reaction as the ball rolls closer and closer to the hole is priceless. We watched it on repeat today.