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This product makes every golfer's wish come true

February 21, 2017

There are two universal ambitions among golfers: the desire to lower their score, and to speed the game up. A product from Golf Solutions may hold the key for both wishes.

The Big Cup is a hole extension, widening the cup from 4.25 inches to eight with a simple above-ground addition. This idea isn't new; there are numerous companies that sell instruments to create oversized cups. However, those enlarged hole sizes require additional maintenance and equipment, and do a number on the condition of the greens. With the Big Cup, zero damage is inflicted on the course, as the invention is merely attached to an existing regulation hole. Better yet, no other tools or effort is required.

The product is aimed at beginners and juniors. The game is hard enough as is; nearly doubling the size of the hole hopes to make the sport a tad easier -- and in turn, more fun -- for novices. Additionally, not only will the Big Cup cut down on strokes, but less putts equate to less time spent on the dance floor, keeping the round moving at a breezy pace. The Big Cup is also perfect for outings, special events, putting contests or practice.

The Big Cup retails for $24.95 and can be purchased at