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This prank war between MLB managers is everything baseball needs

May 16, 2017

Possibly the best prank war in all of Major League Baseball exists between Indians’ manager Terry Francona and Rays’ manager Kevin Cash.

Cash played for Francona in Boston for three seasons before joining his coaching staff as an assistant in Cleveland from 2012-2014. With each visit he makes to Cleveland as a manager himself, Francona has made sure Cash has received an appropriate welcome.

Last season Francona presented Cash with a tongue in cheek tribute to his playing days on the scoreboard:

This year Francona went the scoreboard route again, highlighting a historic lowlight in Cash’s career numbers:

I used the word the term “prank war” loosely earlier when describing the antics between Francona and Cash. Sure, pranks have been involved; but as of now it’s been more of a one-side slaughter than a war. Here’s some free advice, Cash, stream Francona’s infamous shirtless workout on the big screen during his next visit to Tampa. Hell, throw him a curveball and air it during the manager's meeting at homeplate while exchanging lineup cards.

Forget about unwritten rules, pace of play and replacing umpires with machines – this is what baseball needs more of. After all, baseball is supposed to be fun.