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This Patrick Reed story from the Ryder Cup proves Reed is an American treasure

November 17, 2016

Photo by Walter Iooss Jr.

Regarding international affairs, Theodore Roosevelt famously said the United States should "Speak softly, and carry a big stick." In two Ryder Cups, Patrick Reed has held a slightly different mindset in foreign policy. The 26 year old has certainly packed a punch, owning a marvelous 6-1-2 record. However, no one would classify Reed's demeanor as, ahem, "modest" on the course.

Turns out Reed's brashness wasn't limited inside the ropes. In an interview with ESPN, Davis Love III was asked if there was any validity to the rumors that Reed proclaimed he wasn't sitting out. Love's response is better than we could have imagined.

"Well, he told me and Tiger, 'How could you sit out your best player? Why would you sit him out?''" Love recalled. "We love you, Patrick, but everybody is going to sit out...(we) weren't going to play him, but Patrick had such a great attitude. He was so confident. He was so confident in his partner that we ran his partner into the ground. I apologized to Jordan. I said, 'Look, I'm sorry. I wore you out. But your man was rolling.'"

You have to love a guy who doesn't have a top 10 in majors looking around a room and deeming himself the best. But to his credit, Reed backed up his bark, leading the team with 3.5 points. The man truly is an American treasure.