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This Packers training camp drill looks pretty dangerous

It's no secret that NFL coaches will look for every possible advantage they can find to gain an edge on the competition. Often these little advantages come in the form of weird drills at training camps across the league.

Gone are the days of basic calisthenics or lining up and smashing into each other during an Oklahoma drill. Now we see everything from receivers juggling tennis balls to this impressive move from Giants QB Eli Manning:

But that pales in comparison to what the Green Bay Packers make their wide receivers do at training camp: toss bricks to each other.

That's right.... bricks

Call us crazy, but doesn't this seem kind of dangerous? And apparently, this isn't the first time. An SB Nation Packers community site reported on the unconventional drill last summer, which everyone clearly survived. The technique is said to improve grip, forearm and hand strength.

Obviously, it works for Green Bay, a team that ranked seventh in the NFL in passing yards in 2016. It certainly did a number on Davante Adams, who had a breakout season last year, one that featured this absolutely insane catch in week one against the Jaguars. If the organization ever needs to defend this dicey drill as a means of "improving grip, forearm and hand strength," they should just present this video: