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This NYC golfer's short game is definitely better than yours

September 02, 2017

If you're an avid golfer, New York City is most likely the last place on your list of areas to live. While there are plenty of great courses in shouting distance of Manhattan, lugging your clubs around the crowded streets and subways can become quite the chore. There's also Chelsea Piers, if you're into dropping $25 on 90 balls and waiting for a stall to hit out of.

A select, dedicated few find a way to make it work though, including this guy, whose neighbor caught him in the act out on his rooftop, grinding away:

This is how you keep your short game sharp in the Big Apple without even leaving your apartment building. He's even got the little square of turf to tee off on. Impressive, impressive stuff from this NYC resident. Tip of the cap my friend.