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This new Rory McIlroy bobblehead does its namesake no favors

May 09, 2017
THE PLAYERS Championship - Preview Day 2

The past 15 years or so have brought a rejuvenation to the bobblehead market; I once had a sports executive tell me the only guaranteed sellouts on the schedule were "Opening Day and whenever we give out free bobbleheads." Unfortunately, sometimes the artists creating these small statuettes lose sight of the model portrayed. Case in point: the latest memorabilla sculpture of Rory McIlroy.

To coincide with FedEx extending its sponsorship of the PGA Tour's postseason event, a bobblehead of the four-time major winner was produced. And, to be frank, the item does its namesake no aesthetic favors:

Damn, those are some fierce "all nighter for term paper" bags. As McIlroy said himself, "They made me look really old."

Not that McIlroy should be too upset. There's no greater sign that "You've made it" as an athlete than receiving your own bobblehead. And if that doesn't assuage his pain, that fresh $100 million equipment deal should do the trick.