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This new mini-golf game mixed with skeeball and beer pong looks pretty amazing

Remember back in college, when you'd sit around with a group of friends and dream up inventions? Things that would change the world -- or make it a fun place to live?

Well, that's what The Puttskee seems like. You can picture a couple of frat brothers sitting around thinking: "Dude, imagine if we combined golf with skeeball and beer pong, and made it a tailgating game!"

Introducing: The Puttskee.

As this video illustrates, if you're a fan of tailgating, beer pong or mini-golf, this might interest you:

As the video shows, there are interchangeable boards you can use. So if you're not feeling like playing Skeeball, add the Pongskee board. We've seen trick shots combining beer pong with golf. But now this is a game in which golf and beer pong are intertwined. Mind. Blown.

We have a feeling this might be popular with the millennials! Looks like a ton of fun. And an excuse to practice your putting stroke...