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This new commercial is about as intimidating as Jordan Spieth can get

Unless you've faced Jordan Spieth in a match, there's little reason to be intimidated by him. Until, we guess, you've watched this new commercial starring the 22-year-old.

In a new Under Armour ad co-starring NBA Finals MVP and noted golf enthusiast Steph Curry, thousands of Jordan Spieth clones stare the camera down, then hit iron shots sky-high into the air. If this was the Masters, these computer-generated replicas of Spieth hit their shots to about 10 feet for a birdie putt. For a Monday morning, this is as intimidating as we can handle.

It has been a great year for Under Armour, with Spieth's growing popularity, Tom Brady's winning his fourth Super Bowl and Curry leading the Warriors to an NBA title. This ad launches a new marketing campaign for Under Armour called "Rule Yourself", promoting practice and training to achieve new heights. And Spieth figures to be a prominent component to UA's efforts.

According to ESPN's Darren Rovell, who spoke to the company's executives about Spieth's successful 2015, Under Armour plans to move on a Spieth line of apparel -- which isn't a surprise after Under Armour trademarked the Spieth logo last month.

"We were banking on Jordan all along," said Under Armour senior vice president of brand marketing Adrienne Lofton. "It's not like he's an overnight sensation. The plan was to originally introduce Jordan with our brand and eventually move to a Jordan line, just like we did with Steph. We know, like with Steph, that if we have the right assets, the right athlete and the right category, it will be a match made in heaven."

Side note: How awesome would a round of golf be with Steph Curry and Jordan Spieth? If they haven't teed it up yet, that needs to happen. There ya go, Under Armour: There's your next commercial idea. How's that for Monday motivation?