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This miraculous MotoGP save is your highlight of the weekend

If you know next to nothing about MotoGP, don't worry, you're not alone. Essentially the two-wheeled version of F1, MotoGP—despite its inherently American fixation on speed, speed, speed—is a predominantly European racing circuit, waged on courses from Holland to Qatar and back again (yes nerds, we know Qatar is not in Europe). This weekend, however, MotoGP quite literally jumped the shark, when Czech Moto3 rider Jakub Kornfeil went viral for pulling off this truly, utterly ridiculous save during the French Grand Prix at Le Mans:

This may look like sheer dumb luck, but just think about what you—NOT a professional motorcycle racer we're guessing—would do if this happened three feet in front of you at 50 mph. If your answer is "die", you're probably on the right track. Kornfeil reinforced as much after the race, making it clear that his incredible escape was no accident:

I just saw the bike in front of me, so I could make the perfect jump and I just said ‘ok, that’s just like motocross training!’ I just opened the gas and tried, in the air, and tried to survive and stay on the bike...In my mind there was only one sentence: ‘keep the gas,’ because when you land in motocross always need to have the throttle.

And there you have it, gentlemen. In addition to a much-needed shot of adrenaline for your Monday morning, Kornfeil has also graced us with a versatile new credo: Always. Keep. The. Gas.