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The Loop
May 12, 2016

This LEGO video recreation of Tiger Woods' iconic Masters chip-in is pure genius

While we wait to see when Tiger Woods will hit his next shot in competition, at least we can always relive one of his greatest moments. In a LEGO recreation. Well, at least until Augusta National has this work of pure genius taken down.

Last week, we brought you a LEGO video of Graham DeLaet playing golf that was created by Instagram user @goldyeller. But this social-media creative guru is back with a masterpiece. Tiger Woods' iconic chip-in on Augusta National's 16th hole in 2005 complete with the ball pausing before going in, and of course, Verne Lundquist's "In Your Life!" commentary. Check it out:

This leads to two questions: Why is this guy making these? And does he take requests?