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This LeBron James—"Avengers: Infinity War" trailer is great, except for one gigantic flaw

May 09, 2018

The two most dominating forces in culture at the moment are "Avengers: Infinity War" and LeBron James. The former totaled $1 billion quicker than any film in movie history and spawned thousands of think-pieces and Reddit fan theories, the latter single-handedly might have killed basketball for an entire country. Following James' commanding performance over the Toronto Raptors, fans noticed the symmetry between the two forces. Specifically, James and Thanos, the magisterial villain who leaves a wake of destruction in his path.

So, the Internet being the Internet, someone compiled an Avengers-themed trailer for LeBron's historic dismantling of the Raptors, with the King playing the role of the Mad Titan:

A well-done video, beautifully cut and interweaved with "Infinity War" dialogue, real-life commentary and clips of LeBron doing LeBron things. And, at first glance, apropos, given...


...Thanos comes out on top at the end of the movie.

Except, one gigantic flaw with the parallel: "Infinity War" is the first half of a two-part film, and, let's be frank, ain't no way the bad guy is coming out on top in two straight movies. The Avengers always win, after all (or at least three out of four times, they do).

Wait a minute, we take it back. The Thanos-LeBron pairing is perfect. Because there's a good chance, for the third time in four years, James and the Cavaliers will fall to the Golden State Warriors, a team of stars that, like the Avengers, came together for a cause greater than themselves. That is some next-level meta commentary, Internet. Game recognize game.

And in the case that the Boston Celtics and Houston Rockets both advance to the Finals instead? Well, that's more of a DC Cinematic Universe entry. Dark, scary, and one nobody wants to watch.