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This is why you should NOT try dangerous trick shots at home

November 04, 2016

Earlier this week, we brought you a clip of two friends who must really, REALLY trust each. One guy teed off with a driver, while the other stood about three feet in front of him with his legs spread. And. . . the ball went right through his wickets. Phew!

But it's a copycat world out there, and our friends at Golf Gods tracked down another pair who attempted the trick. Let's just say, there are some things you shouldn't try at home:

Ouch. That had to hurt. A LOT.

You can see the dude on the receiving end spreading his legs even farther as his buddy got closer to impact, but when the ball winds up flying right into your mid-section, it doesn't matter. And it probably didn't help that the guy who took the gut punch is skinny. A little extra cushion probably would have softened the blow.

You know what else would have softened the blow? NOT doing this dangerous trick. You've all been warned.