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This is why Keegan Bradley withdrew from the BMW Championship

September 06, 2014

The same day his Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup partner Phil Mickelson withdrew from the BMW Championship, Keegan Bradley pulled out of the same tournament and eliminated his chances of playing in the Tour Championship next week (he was 34th in the standings heading into the BMW).

Why did Keegan withdraw? It started on the 18th hole on Thursday, when Bradely hit his ball into a hazard off the tee. He took his drop -- no issues there -- and then hit a 4-iron short of the green. When Bradley walked up he saw that his ball was embedded in its own pitchmark. So, as he's entitled to do under rule 25-2, he took another drop.

Bradley chipped up and two-putted for a bogey and a one-over 71. A short while later, a fan came up to Bradley and said he saw his ball bounce before it landed. If that was true, that means Bradley unknowingly took relief he wasn't actually entitled to.


"I just feel withdrawing is the right thing to do to protect the field in the BMW Championship and the Tour Championship next week," Bradley said. "It's eating me alive. I didn't call my fellow competitors for help in the first place and that bothers me. I know the official approved the drop, but I just can't be absolutely sure it was the right spot."