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This is what $85,000 worth of Masters tickets looks like

They're beautiful, aren't they?

Thanks to Reddit user BeTheBall_Danny for snapping a picture of these glorious, beautiful Masters badges before he distributed them to his corporate clients. And the $85,000 price tag seems about right: Although these tickets are from 2014, the cheapest for tournament-day currently on StubHub are $1,233, and weekend passes regularly stretch over $3,000.


"They're buying up the weekly badges on the black market, then dividing them into daily badges," said a source familiar with the brisk secondary business that transpires on Washington Road the week of the tournament. "

Where do those black-market tickets that Augusta National is buying go? Some most certainly go to those who spend $6,000 to $7,500 a week for access to Berckmans Place, a posh, 100,000-square-foot entertainment facility next to the fifth fairway that opened in 2013.