124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

get in the hole

This is it, this is the most brutal hole-in-one miss in golf history

September 13, 2023

A hole-in-one is a pretty rare thing, but not getting a hole-in-one on this particular shot is somehow more out of the ordinary. Sometimes you see a golf post that revolves around something unlikely and think, “That’s not that crazy.” This is not one of those times.

“160 yard Par 3. On it the whole way,” reads the r/golf post. “Clattered the pin, surely went in the hole, then jumped out and rolled 6 feet to the right.

“Now when I'm 80 and my grandkids ask me if I've ever had a hole in one, I'll finally be able to say ‘No... but damn did I have a pretty sweet birdie once.’ (and yes I repaired the rim I mangled. Apologies to our fine greenskeepers!)”

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Just look at that divot. This is a real once-in-a-lifetime miss by an unlucky sap and the commenters certainly agree.

“Shot was more precise than most hole-in-ones, unless they're swished from the tee. I'd be proud af for that one, sucks you don't get the gratification on the card, but that shot is badass,” reads one.

“Thanks not that clo…. Oh. Holy shit unlucky OP,” said another.

“Should have pulled the flagstick before you hit,” one unhelpful individual added.

When asked how he repaired the mangled hole, the original poster stated that it was a “Close call but it all stayed in one piece. Laid it back together and knit it masterfully back together with the divot tool.” He ended up nailing the six-footer for birdie, however, so it wasn’t a total loss.

One commenter was able to summarize the entire ordeal with a Mitch Hedberg-ism that perfectly fits here, “I used to not have a hole in one. I still don’t, but I used to not, too.”