124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

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This is the best picture we can find of Matt Every's Oasis tattoo

Matt Every loves Oasis. A lot. So much that he named his son "Liam" after the band's lead singer -- Liam Gallagher -- and got a tattoo of one of their songs on his right arm.

Great win for Oasis fan Matt Every. Says his dream 4-ball would be filled by Noel, Liam and a counsellor to get them back together. #

— Dave Tindall (@DaveTindallgolf) March 22, 2015 Considering our fascination with tour players' tattoos, we went looking for a good picture of Matt Every's ink. Turns out, finding a picture of the 40th-ranked golfer in the world's bare tricep is a little tricky, but we mustered-up a decent one: