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This is officially the most unconventional, artistic, "out there" putt-putt golf course in the world

February 24, 2016

We've shown you putt-putt courses in abandoned World War II bunkers and funeral homes.

But this one...well, strap in.


A new mini-course exhibit is coming to Nottingham, England from American artist Doug Fishbone, titled Leisure Land Golf. According to the display's website, the work -- which initially opened in Venice -- will showcase "distillation of notions of consumerism and leisure as practiced at both the highest and lowest socio-economic levels."

And what better way to illustrate that than putting, an effort very familiar with distilled notions.


The course is comprised of nine holes, with each hole expressing the dichotomy theme. For example, there's model of the wreck of the Costa Concordia, the cruise ship that crashed in 2012, and a floating hole of the United Kingdom, which "offers a safe haven for immigrant golf balls."

Another highlights a pregnant princess being attacked by snakes, followed by a hole that "explores the meaninglessness of aspiration within cognitive capital frameworks," which mirrors my thoughts after taking a double-bogey.

Then there's this...


...a piece that speaks to man's inner struggle between his working class roots and dreams of a better life. That, or the dude needs to go to the bathroom.

This isn't Fishbone's first foray into putt-putt. In 2012, he produced Adventureland Golf, which featured a statue of a toppled Saddam Hussien.


We applaud Fishbone for, um, whatever he's trying to do. Definitely puts your local putt-putt's windmill and maze to shame.