Short Game

This Is How You Hit A Sidehill Chip

June 19, 2016

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Sometimes when you miss a green, everything is totally fine -- you’re on the fringe, or you’re in the rough on a nice flat spot. But other times, you’re perched on a sidehill lie, feet below the ball and not a prayer in the world. Before you grab a wedge and just start hacking at it, take a step back and make these changes to your setup.

Swing coach Jeff Ritter says to grab your most lofted wedge and open the face. Take a wide stance, and put your rear foot back.

This is the key move, because it’ll close your stance and let your shoulders point down the slope. This will allow you to take a (somewhat) natural swing down the slope. That’s a huge advantage, because it means you won’t get caught up in the slope and end up just jabbing at it.