Viral Videos
February 01, 2016

This is definitely the most impressive "three-putt" we've ever seen

Pinehurst Golf Academy's Kelly Mitchum is up to his old tricks again. OK, so this is a new trick, but it involves his specialty: putting three balls at the same time.

Mitchum might be the best in the world when it comes to "three-putting," just not the normal definition of the phrase. Check it out has he knocks three golf balls into three different holes using just one stroke.

Pretty impressive, even for a pro who has competed in four PGA Championships. And in case you missed it, here was Mitchum's first "three-putt" video that went viral last summer:

All the notoriety is good news for Mitchum. The bad news? It's probably tougher to keep his students focused on learning the fundamentals of the golf swing now.

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