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This is basically every golfer's worst nightmare

April 29, 2015

Warning: This photo is NSFW.

What even happened to that poor bag? Can you even imagine the emotions you'd feel if you ever saw your clubs swing around on a conveyer belt in this kind of shape? I can't. Based on a few of his tweets, John Held said his eyes nearly popped out of his head.

This image of Held's clubs shouldn't mean the death of all soft travel cases. A few best practices make them just as safe as hard cases. Most tour pros today use soft cases, and when Golf Digest wrote about the best travel covers in the November 2014 issue, Dan Brooks, head coach of the Duke women's golf team, said his players and most of the teams they compete against rely on soft cases. Brooks offered two tips: first, wrap towels, clothes and whatever you can around the heads of your clubs; second, once you finish packing your clubs ask yourself, "would I be OK having someone stand on this?"