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This hot dog vendor is the most important member of the Texas Rangers organization right now

Hot dogs and baseball. It does not get more American. Of all the great combos in history—Shaq and Kobe, peanut butter and jelly, lamb and tuna fish—hot dogs and baseball might be right damn near the top. At MLB stadiums, those things pretty much sell themselves.

But that hasn't stopped one hot dog vendor from selling the ever-living crap out of them at Globe Life Park in Arlington, home of the Texas Rangers. In a pair of now viral videos, the vendor can be seen, well, heard, giving his A+ sales pitch, and it is electric. Here's the first video from Monday at one of the Rangers' two games against the Angels:

The passion, the fire, the emotion. And part two, which came from Tuesday night in Texas. Back with a VENGEANCE:

Find someone that loves you half as much as this guy loves screaming the words "HHHHHOOOOOTTTTT DDDDDAAAAWWGGGGGG!!!" It looks like his soul is leaving his body:

Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 10.42.29 AM.png

Speaking of souls, you don't have one if you don't buy a dog from this guy. You also probably hate hot dogs and America.

Not to overstate this, but is hot dog guy the most important member of the Texas Rangers organization right now? Maybe you could make a case for Rougned Odor or Nomar Mazara, but I still may give the edge to hot dog guy.