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This guy who speed-bowled a perfect game in under 90 seconds is an American hero

April 18, 2017

A golf trick shot at a bowling alley recently went viral, even if its legitimacy remains in question. But there's no doubting what bowler Ben Ketola did is real. And spectacular.

Ketola didn't just bowl a perfect game, but he did it in 86.9 seconds. It's tough to compare this feat to anything in golf, but let's just say it would be like shooting a 63 in under an hour.

Of course, to do this, Ketola needed access to multiple lanes because as everyone knows, the worst part of bowling is waiting for the pins to re-rack. So the 23-year-old did it by racing from lane to lane -- who says bowlers aren't real athletes? Check out this incredible video:

Three things immediately jump out.

Perhaps the most amazing part of the story? Ketola isn't a pro bowler, but rather an employee at 281 Bowl in Cortland, N.Y., who owns a 225 average.

But now, he's also believed to have bowled the fastest perfect game in history. Ben Ketola, we salute you.