Frugal GolfersMay 4, 2017

This guy came up with an ingenious (and frugal) golf pull cart substitute

Long a staple of golf in Europe, the use of pull carts in the U.S. -- particularly on the collegiate level -- has spiked in recent years. And for good reason. They make walking 18 holes easier, plus, they're easy on golfers' backs.

But they can also be a bit costly. Either you fork over about $50 to $150 up front, or you rent one each time at your course, which is even more expensive. One man, though, has come up with an ingenious solution: a dolly.

Thanks to @GolfReddit user Sauly17 for sharing this photo:

Why not make use of whatever you already have, right? (Just make sure those clubs are tied on tight.) To whomever this mystery man of frugalness is, we salute you.

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