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This golf course looks like it's literally in the middle of nowhere

February 11, 2015

OK, technically, it's not in the middle of nowhere. It's in Canada. [Insert random Canada joke here]

It's called Golf Club Saint-Polycarpe, and it sits amidst a bunch of farmland in southeast Quebec. It's fairly close to a 1,000-person town called Saint-Polycarpe, which, in the immediate vicinity, is about it. But to be fair the picture does make the course look slightly more remote than it actually is: According to Google Maps, Montreal is about an hour's drive away.

Finding a scorecard proved rather tricky, but the course describes itself on its website as "an 18-hole course, pretty open, the main difficulties lie in its length and its challenging greens. Well-drained ground and in excellent condition. An interesting challenge for long hitters rear milestones."

And, if you happen to be in Southeastern Quebec while you're reading this post, turns out the course is offering a special: $30 + tax for 18 holes with a cart. Not bad at all.