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This father made his son run to school in the rain as a punishment and it's impossible to not have an opinion on it

March 06, 2018
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There are so many layers to this story of a Virginia father who forced his 10-year-old son to run to school in the rain as a punishment for bullying, but let's start with the basic chronology.

— Son is kicked off the bus for three days for bullying

— Father arrives at old-school punishment of making his son run the mile to school instead.

— Father, presumably in the interest of safety, decides to trail his son in his car as the boy runs in the rain.

— Father, presumably in the interest of Facebook likes, decides to narrate a live video of the whole ordeal.

— The video goes viral Tuesday morning.

What happens next is open for interpretation. The father, Bryan Thornhill, could be hailed as a refreshing beacon of hard-line accountability in this snowflake, participation-trophy era. He could be castigated for publicly-shaming a 10-year-old boy for a typical-10-year-old boy lapse in judgment. It is the very type of small debate one could easily use to encapsulate larger societal divisions. Discipline versus compassion. Conservative versus liberal. Sneakers versus public transportation.

Alas, here's just a small sampling of the always-reasonable online reaction.

The only thing you can count on is that people won't agree on it . . . and that the kid likely had change his socks by the time he got to school.